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3F 3M


When Luck and Fate make a wager to finally prove who is the more powerful force in the universe, the life of Beverly Onion, the world’s loneliest mortician’s assistant, becomes the medium for their contest. From speed dating, to a penthouse apartment, to trekking across Nepal, Beverly is sent on a journey to discover her destiny (and an unlikely soulmate), in a play that explores the power of loneliness and the inevitability of fate (with plenty of references to Star Wars along the way).



2W 3M


Manic Pixie Dream Girl is a darkly comic story about a struggling graphic novelist who falls in love with a mysteriously silent manic pixie dream girl, and what happens when she becomes more than just a character type. Told in the style of a comic book, this world premiere production directed by Jon Tracy, and featuring the art of Rob Dario, is a beer drinking, pop-culture referencing, punch in the theatrical gut. More Judd Apatow than William Shakespeare, more High Fidelity than Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Just don't expect capes (there aren't any capes).



4 - 8W 4 - 8M


Stromboli brothers traveling circus and sideshow, the last vestige of the golden age of traveling shows, is trying to survive in a modern era where screens have replaced live entertainment, and the photo-shopped freak is more appealing than the real thing.  Things aren’t working out very well.



3W 1M

When Sarah’s mother is diagnosed with the genetic disease Huntington’s Chorea— a terrifying degenerative illness for which there is known cure—she  must face the difficult decision of whether or not to be tested for the illness, and ultimately the question: when it comes to fate is it better to know or not to know?  When Sarah’s brother Abe returns home for a visit with a clean bill of health and surprising news of his engagement to his girlfriend Hannah, Sarah’s world truly begins to unravel as her family secrets are finally exposed.  




Set in the low country of South Carolina, Black Sheep Gospel is the story of three sisters—a B movie actress, a lesbian scientist, and a Southern Baptist church mouse—who reunite over their abusive stepfather’s deathbed.  Ultimately, the women must confront the secrets of their pasts and their own relationships, in a play that explores the convoluted relationship of memory to truth, and ultimately what it means to be a family.


SHORT PLAYS (Selected)


Rapunzel's Etymology of Zero

2W 1M

Mathematicians Sophie Germaine & share the stage in this play about the process of breakthrough , discovery, and fighting to be noticed.  Best of PlayGround Anthology, 


The Spherical Loneliness of Beverly Onion

2W 2M

Beverly Onion is the world's loneliest Morticians assistant, until the forces of LUck and Fate use her lonely existence to settle a bet. 



1M 1W

Mathematicians SOphie Germaine & share the stage in this play about the process of breakthrough , discovery, and fighting to be noticed.


Dibs on the Scotty Dog

2W 1M


Todd's Grandmother's Amazing Jello Suprise

3W 3M



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